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  • Children’s Voice to Community Child Protection Mechanism in West Bengal :  A Study (2015)
  • WASH in School 2014 (Supported by GOAL)
  • WASH in School 2013 (Supported by CESC)
  • Adolescent Health Programme in Schools 2013 (Supported by UNICEF)
  • Action-Aid-Addressing Violence Towards Girls in School in Kolkata
  • Final-Report-WASH-CLPOA-GOAL-2013
  • Download WASH Report (GOAL-India) 2010
  • Download Survey Report on Water & Sanitation Condition in a Slum under KMC (2011)
  • Download Report on State forum for Children & Making Schools Child Friendly (2010)
  • Download Report on CLPOA’s Participation in 35th Kolkata Book Fair (2010)

    Newsletter 1st Issue April 2015