SPLASH International sealed its  partnership with CLPOA during 2015-2016.
Initially the intervention focused on instaling high power water purification system with ten years of maintenance in 28 schools of Kolkata area. However during the reporting period, the project activities are centered around provision of safe drinking water to students in 63 schools and developing improved hygiene practices among them.
In collaboration with Sarva Shiksha Mission the project is being implemented by CLPOA The schools covered under the project are located in ward numbers 58, 65 and 66 of Kolkata Municipal Corporation.
  • Conducting Baseline Survey to identify the situation and issues related to WASH in School premise
  • Strengthening of Child Cabinets through enhancement of skills and knowledge of the members of Child Cabinet on WASH
  • 3days residential training for school teachers on WASH
  • Developing of IEC materials for conducting training of child cabinet by school teachers
  • Resolving problems identified by child cabinet through action of school
  • Capacity building of the teachers and students on water, sanitation and hygiene practices
  • Ensuring accessibility and availability of filtered drinking water with station for the students
  • Conducting routine monitoring visits to measure changes of hygiene practices among students
  • Involving teachers and students to ensure hand washing with soaps before MDM  and after defecation
  • The project covered 320 students and child cabinet members through training and meeting
  • Total 619 students participated in Soap Drive for collection of soap for hand-washing
  • 192 students participated in the Sit & Draw programme on theme of wash
  • 246 parents were reached through meeting with members of Mother – Teacher Associations
  • 35 teachers participated in residential training
  • 54 teachers participated in different meetings held in school.