The organization is discharging liaison and interlocutory functions in the BSUP (Basic Services for the Urban Poor) mooted integrated housing project on the demised land for resettlement of slum dwellers at an affordable cost under the mission of JNNURM.  The intervention of CLPOA, with support from KMC, at Rajarghat Notunpara, Dhapa of KMC Ward No. 58 involves numerous activities aimed at rehabilitation and upliftment of the standard of living of slum dwellers who received flats in two phases in lieu of their previous dwelling units in the slums.

Enumeration of beneficiaries as on 31.3.2014

  • 200 Families benefited in Ward No. 58 of KMC
  • 100  Families benefited in Ward No. 138 of KMC
  • 256  Families benefited in Ward No. 108 of KMC
  • 36    Families benefited in Ward No. 108 of KMC
  • 32    Families benefited in Ward No. 129 of KMC
  • 32    Families benefited in Ward No 127 of KMC